Rules and Regulations



1.1. The ‘Event Management’

Refers to the event organizers (UEG) and event partners.

1.2. The ‘Event’

The Australian Dance Crew Championships (ADCC) is a competitive dance crew event that provides performers the opportunity to showcase the artistry and technique of dance. The event is strictly a drug & alcohol free event and flash photography or filming is strictly prohibited.

1.3. The Event ‘Divisions’

Kidz – All crew members must be 10 years old and under
Junior – All crew members between 7 – 12 years
Young Gunz – All  crew members between 12 – 15 years

Varsity – All crew members between 13 -18 years 
Open  – All crew members 7 years of age and over
Monster – All crew members 7 years of age and over
Soloist – Junior (12 and under), Varsity (18 and under) and Open (18+)


– A 12 year old turning 13 within the competition year (2018) may compete in the Junior or Varsity division.
– An 18 year old turning 19 within the competition year (2018) can compete in Varsity.

1.4. Dance ‘Crew’

A dance crew, for the purpose of this event, is a collective of dancers brought together to perform a choreographed dance routine. The collective can comprise of male or female performers.

1.5. Crew Number limit

A crew consists of between 5-15 dancers.

Monster crews consist of between 15 – 40 dancers.

2. Competitor and Crew Rules

2.1. Competitor Cost

2.1.1. Preliminary Round: $25.00 (gst inc) entry fee per dancer (non-refundable) to be paid at the preliminary round.

2.1.2. Finals: $35.00 or $45.00 including official ‘Nationals’ t-shirt (gst inc) entry fee per dancer. This fee is only to be paid for crews who have qualified for the finals.

2.1.2. Soloists: $20. This fee is only to be paid for soloists who have qualified for the preliminaries and finals.

2.1.3. Competitors failing to pay registration fees before or on arrival of the event will be unable to perform.

2.1.4. Dancers who enter more than one Division ie. Junior and Monster, are required to pay an additional $10.00.

2.2. Participation Requirements

2.2.1. At least 70% (rounded down to the nearest whole number) of all registered crew members must compete in preliminary.

– If your total crew number is 16, at least 11 crew members must compete in the preliminary round to qualify. All crew members however, must be registered and paid for to compete in the finals.
– If your total crew number 5, at least 3 crew members must compete in the preliminary round to qualify. All crew members however, must be registered to compete in the finals.

2.2.2. Entry changes or submissions in the finals are subject to review by event management

2.3. Forms and completion of forms

2.3.1. All names, age, addresses must be correctly completed and submitted to be eligible to compete in preliminary & final by the date specified by event management. Dates are located on the event management’s website.

2.3.2. All crew/team leaders and anyone accompanying crew members under 18 at all ADCC events must have a valid ‘WWVP’ card on them at all times. You will be asked to provide details of your card upon entry.

2.3.2. Consent must be given for all competitors under 18.

2.3.3. Failure to sign all relevant forms may result in crew disqualification.

2.3.4. A ‘contact person’ must be nominated at registration and is responsible for all communications and correspondence to be received on behalf of the competing crew. The event management will only deal with this single point of contact and will not be held responsible for any messages/communication not received by the competing crew (or their supervision) that they represent.

2.3.5. Changing the contact persons must be completed in writing- please contact event management if you require this change after registration. (Please see end of document for contact details)

2.4.6. The main form of communication to competitors will be via email- the event organisers will not be held responsible if registered email account is not checked. Communication will be sent according to our important dates as listed on the event organisers website. (Please see end of document for contact details)

2.4. Attire

2.4.1. Props prohibited however will be limited to hand held only

2.4.2. All use of props must be approved by event management at least 14 days prior to the event.

2.4.3 Material that will cause the stage to become slippery or dangerous is strictly prohibited and points will be deducted.

3. Competition Rules

3.1. Routine Length

Routine will begin at the first audible sound of the routine. Routine must be between the lengths specified.

Preliminaries song length: 2.00 min – 3.00 min

Finals song length: 3.00 min – 4.00 min

Soloist song length: No longer than 1 min

3.2. Performance Order

3.2.1. Performance order is determined by event organisers prior to event at the event hosts discretion. The order is drawn out at random.  

3.2.2. Notification will be posted to our website at a specified date prior to the event. Please visit our website for release dates.

3.3. Stage and Lighting Requirements

3.3.1. No special lighting requests may be given and use of lighting is subject to event management discretion.

3.3.2 Dimensions of stage varies between state competitions, preliminaries and final rounds. The dimensions will be communicated upon registration of your crew.

3.4. Music Audio Format:

3.4.1 Preliminary Rounds:

– (2x) audio CD format (1 CD is used as backup copy)
– (1x) track per CD.
– No Rewritable CDs to be used
— An MP3 file (Recommended to be encoded at 360 kbps) sent via email to

3.4.2 Finals:

– A CD can be provided as per instructions in 3.4.1
– An MP3 file (Recommended to be encoded at 360 kbps) sent via email to

3.5 Music Submission Dates

3.5.1 Preliminary rounds: Music is to be submitted by event organiser due date or penalties will occur.

3.5.2 Finals: Music is to be submitted by event organiser due date or penalties will occur.

3.6. Rehearsals

3.6.1. Preliminaries: There will be no rehearsal times for preliminary rounds unless specified otherwise by your states event management representative.

3.6.2. Finals: Rehearsals times will be scheduled on the same day of the event. Rehearsal times will be released closer to the date on the event management’s website.

3.7. Winners, Wildcards and Awards

3.7.1. Announcing Preliminaries Winners: Winners in the Open, Varsity, Junior and Monster categories will be announced at each preliminary round. Preliminary winners will be announced on the night of the performance. The preliminary winners will compete in the final championships. Number of crews advancing from the Preliminary rounds to the finals will be determined by event management based on amount of registered competitors from each preliminary round.

3.7.2. Announcing Wildcards Winners: A total of (x1) Wildcard winner for the combined Open and Varisty categories and (x1) Wildcard winner for the Junior category will announced after all preliminary rounds have been completed. Wildcard winners will be chosen by the judging panel. Wildcard winners will compete in the final championships.

3.7.3. Announcing Championships Winners: Places for first, second and third will be announced at the end of the night of the championships.

3.7.4. The contents of the awards and prizes will be at the Event management’s sole discretion. All prizes and awards offered throughout this competition are subject to availability and Event management reserves the right in its absolute discretion to withdraw and/or alter the conditions of awards and prizes as it sees fit. Awards and prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be redeemed as cash.

4. Judging

4.1. Judging Panel

4.1.1. Judges will be selected for preliminaries and finals at event management discretion

4.1.2. Each Judge will assess each of the crew on technical and artistic merit using the outline provided in table 1.0.

4.1.3. One judge will be nominated as a Judiciary director as nominated by the judging panel (Attire, Music, Performance Violations).

4.2. Judging Criteria

4.2.1. Calculation: The final score for each performance will be calculated (using the Criteria and Scoring) out of 100 points. The judiciary director(s) point deductions will then be deducted from the initial score to arrive at the final score.

4.2.2. Judging Criteria

Table 1.0 – Judging Criteria


(20%) Creativity of choreography including formation, spacing, levels, combination of moves, how dance moves flow from one to another

(10%) Musicality, how well routine and moves are patterned and structured around music, including timings of moves to pitch, lyrics, samples and elements of the music selected

(10%) Originality, original unique use of choreography, music and themes throughout routine.


(10%) Execution, how well performers complete the choreography, how well the performers control space, formations and transitions.

(10%) Syncronicity, how well timed the routine is to the music and how timing to ensure all members of crew performing in unison

(10%) Difficulty, complexity of routine as a team as well as complexity of moves performed individually.


(10%) Presence, energy towards projected to audience through facial expression, eye contact, body language, individual and crew

(10%) Entertainment, energy towards performers through crowd responds to routine, leave a memorable and lasting impression

(10%) Attire or Costume, effort to ensure clothing or accessories worn to reflect theme and style of routine

4.2.3. Deductions

Deductions are calculated and deducted from final scores by the Judiciary director using the deductions list.

4.2.4 Deduction Categories

The following is a list of deductions which will affect final scoring:

– Props- Throwing items (clothing or other props) in crowd (-10)

– Under or over time limits specified (-10)
– Crude or offensive language (-5)

Prohibited Moves
– Crude or offensive moves (-20)

– Inappropriate or offensive attire (-5)

4.3. Extraordinary circumstances

4.3.1. False starts- In the event of a false start, (which is out of control of the performing crew) the dance crews must stop their performance immediately for the judiciary director(s) will make a decision on the restart of performance. Management reserves the right to make any final decisions regarding false starts. No protests can be made regarding false starts after the crew has performed their routine.

4.4. Protests

4.4.1. Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Contact information
Mailing Address: PO Box 23079, Docklands, VIC 8012
Contact number: 0416 558 452

The Australian Dance Crew Championships is brought to you by: UEG and Forever Young Entertainment